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Discrete sound-art pieces constructed from interviews with people around the world concerning their reactions to changes in the landscape where they live and work.   We are focused on people’s observations about changes in landscapes related to climate change, including changes from efforts to address climate change.  However, the people we interview may or may not perceive this relationship. Larger questions concern the relationship between people and place. We Could Just Leave is a companion piece to the Canary Project’s photography series A History of the Future. Sound footage has been compiled from the following locations to-date:  Big Sur (fires); Peru (melting glaciers); The Sundarbans (rising sea level); The Netherlands (rising sea level).

We Could Just Leave

Full Title:
We Could Just Leave


Amanda Burr in collaboration with Edward Morris.  Additional sound recordings provided by contributing artists and journalists.

Exhibition History:
SOFA GALLERY, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN,Canary Project Works on Climate Change 2006-2009, 2009