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In three days 10 teams of students designed and implemented actions and campaigns to generate student awareness and inspire involvement in the university’s sustainability goals.

The teams used Syracuse University’s CAP (Climate Action Plan) as a jumping off point for putting their design and communication skills to work to educate and involve their peers.  This was a weekend-long dive: quick and dirty design work that included sticker campaigns, typographic installations, product manipulation, stencils, etc.

There Is No Away


Chris McCray, Shoham Arad and Keith Murphy in collaboration with Susannah Sayler and Edward Morris

Cyrus Blais, Leah Davies, Andrea Macias-Yanez, Daae Shim, Lauren D’Aloisio, Kathryn Hoefler, Christina Jayo, Allyson McHarris, Elaine Ahn, Jean Carlos Del Moral, Marlena Leonardi, Aviva Oskow, Xin Sun, Kimberly Chacra, Audrey Hicks, Qiao Lin, Galia Tully, Fan Yang, Meghan Adams, Danielle Anastasi, Zoe Benson, Cecilia Jayo, Katherine Jeremko, Kelly Duggan, Maria Mastuura, Ashley Nelson, Miasha Vicino, Lisa Wright, Jennifer Kochman, Tyler McCully, Franklin Romero Jr., Ashley Shin, James Barrett, Julia Byron, Paruksheen Dhunjisha, Kenneth Jones III, Caroline King, Ha-Na Choi, Daniella Franco Casey Lesieur, Molly Rabinowitz, Melissa Wright