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Increase Your Albedo! is an ongoing project involving sculpture, fashion and interventionist performances.  It is an investigation into latent mythology.  The more reflective the Earth, the less sun is absorbed and the cooler it stays. Ice and snow are white.  When they melt, the earth gets less reflective, warmer. More ice melts, and it gets even warmer.  We want you to increase the overall reflectivity of the earth by wearing white.  Albedo is the measurement of the earth’s reflectivity.

Increase Your Albedo!

Full Title:
Increase Your Albedo!



Annie Murdock, Amy Burrel, Edward Morris, Jussara Lee, Orlando Palacios

Exhibition History:
SOFA GALLERY, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN,Canary Project Works on Climate Change 2006-2009, 2009

SOCRATES SCULPTURE PARK,Queens, NY, Waste Not Want Not, 2008

CITY SOL FESTIVAL, New York, NY, Albedo Cloud, 2007

LITTLE WEST 12TH STREET (outdoor installation), New York, NY Albedo Cloud, 2007

SARAH MELTZER GALLERY,New York, NY, Albedo Pilgrims, 2007