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Green Patriot Posters is a messaging campaign centered on posters that encourage all U.S. citizens to take part in building a sustainable economy. We have commissioned posters from design leaders, and developed an on-line community for sharing and voting on original designs. The favorites will be dis­tributed through multiple channels (print, web, bus ads, licensing, etc.) to reach the widest audience possible.  Green Patriot posters display an image of strength, optimism and unity. Some focus on specific actions that anyone can take; some are general. The overrid­ing message is that our individual actions do matter, that we can all be part of the sustainability movement, and that this can become a defining value of 21st Century patriotism.

Green Patriot Posters

Project Website: Designers: Contributing designers include Michael Bierut, Vllg, Rob Giampietro, Shepard Fairey, Geoff McFetridge, James Victore, Jon Santos, JMR, Open Studios, Roger Cummings, Paul Elliman, Nancy Skolos, Vier5, Winterhouse, Nick Dewar, DJ Spooky, Diego Gutierrez, Mike Perry, Chris Silas Neal, Meredith Stern, Thumb Project, Everything Studio, Esteban Chavez, Clint Woodside & Nicholas Hans, Jeremey Dean, Jason Hardy, Justin Kemerling, Ryan Dumas, Jon-Paul Villegas, Ryan Arruda, Julie Teninbaum, Lauren Perlow, Sinclair Smith, Joe Scorsone & Alice Drueding, Adam Gray, Ben Barnes, Brandon Schaefer, Gloria Chung, Felix Sockwell, Andrew Sloat, Eric Benon, Keo Pierron, Will Etling, Xander Pollock, Noel Douglas. Project Directors: Edward Morris & Dmitri Siegel.  Book edited by Edward Morris and Dmitri Siegel. Post No Bills (short documentary about the project): Susannah Tantemsapya /  Creative Migration Link to trailer.  (Full screening available upon request). Exhibition History: DESIGN MUSUEM BOSTON, Boston, MA Green Patriot Posters (traveling show), 2014-Ongoing HAMMER M– USEUM, Los Angeles, CA, Graphic Design Now in Production, 2013 CONTEMPORARY ARTS M– USEUM, Houston, TX, Graphic Design Now in Production, 2013 ED. VARIE, New York, NY, Public Notice, 2013 COOPER-HEWITT NATIONAL DESIGN MUSUEM, New York, NY, Graphic Design Now in Production, 2012 WALKER ART CENTER, Minneapolis, MN, Graphic Design Now in Production, 2012 COOPER HEWITT NATIONAL DESIGN M– USEUM, New York, NY, Why Design Now?, 2010 SOFA GALLERY, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, Canary Project Works on Climate Change 2006-2009, 2009