I AM COAL, by Christina VankoI AM COAL, by Christina VankoReclaim the Tap, by Marine TempelsReclaim the Tap, by Marine TempelsPromise Plates, by Emily LoehlUntitled (video stills), by Alex LewisTarget Registry, by Alysha Balog, Danny Weddle and Lauren WolferTarget Registry, by Alysha Balog, Danny Weddle and Lauren Wolfer.Albedo Pilgrim Dresses, by Amy BurrelThe Fiber Awareness Project, by Jay Garst and Candace Pederson

Making Engaged Art:  Response and Intervention on Climate Change

The ecological and cultural implications of climate change served as a basis for the examination and creation of socially engaged art.  Part seminar and part experimental field lab, this course included a number of guest speakers from various disciplines who brought an array of perspectives on climate change to serve as a springboard for discussion.  Students’ projects responded to what they learned about the issue of climate change in a ways that both grew out of and expanded their individual art practice.   This course culminated in and exhibit at IU’s SoFA Gallery titled, All Points Bulletin: Interventions on Climate Change.



Alysha Balog, Amy Burrell, Jennifer Garst, Erin Goedtel, Alex Lewis, Emily Loehle, Candace Pederson, Jane Stewart, Marine Tempels, Erin Tobey, Christina Vanko, Danny Weddle, Lauren Wolfer


Susannah Sayler and Edward Morris


All Points Bulletin: Interventions on Climate Change
SoFA Gallery, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, 2010.